Kyabra inplace

Kyabra inPlace is a not for profit organisation that receives funding from all levels of government and seeks additional funds from individuals and groups who support our work.

Our values

Social Justice

We believe all people have inalienable rights as agreed to in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and that all should have an equal opportunity to access the benefits of their society.


We aspire to demonstrate respect for all people and honour human diversity and uniqueness. We seek to uphold the worth of all individuals and to preserve their dignity.

Cultural Recognition

We are committed to recognising all cultures within the community. We honour the past, present and future significance of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander (A&TSI) peoples’ culture. We seek to support their initiatives to protect & maintain knowledge of core A&TSI protocols, and principles of governance. We believe that cultural recognition needs to be a precursor to any reconciliation process.


We recognise the fundamental importance of relationships, which extend from a sense of self and connection to place, through to a diversity of family and community relationships, and ultimately rest within a sense of shared or global humanity.

Participation and Inclusion

We believe that everyone has a valuable contribution to make to family, community and political life. We value the diverse contributions that people can make.

Self Determination

We believe that people are their own experts and that change is most likely when people can be active participants in their own desired futures by controlling resources, relationships and decision making.


We are hopeful that even the most complex of social issues can be addressed. We believe that change is possible and that a capacity for learning and growth can prosper at any level in society given the right conditions and resources.


We believe strengths and capacities should be acknowledged as the most important resource for change. We believe that while people will generally be doing the best with the resources that they have, complementary, external resources can be useful for change to be achieved and maintained.


We value collaboration, and we seek opportunities to pool our resources, and complement the strengths of others to create a caring and just society.


We embrace innovative ways of creating effective responses to changing needs and current understandings. We see innovation as nourished by continuous research, evaluation, reflection, training and financial self-reliance.


We actively support, accept and demonstrate accountability for all of our organisation’s activities, including our financial and business operations, and our environmental and social impact through transparent, open and honest processes.


Kyabra inPlace service partners

funding & sponsors

The Management Committee wish to express their thanks to and acknowledge the support given by;

And to our many wonderful supporters and friends from the community.

Everyone’s contributions are valued. Thank you.

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